Mobile Vehicle Repairs

Signature offer a huge range of mobile vehicle repairs from mobile dent repair, bumper damage repair, stone chip repair, rust treatments and much more. Our state of the art mobile body shop is fully equipped and the vast majority of repairs can be carried out at your home or place of work. However we also have a state of the art body shop which is perfect for those larger repairs.

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Our Mobile Vehicle Repair Services

Vehicle Body Repairs

We operate the highest IMI technician 'SMART' Repair Service to your place of convenience with our mobile body shop. Our technicians are all time served professionals and will provide the highest level of service with all repair work.

Bumper Damage Repairs

Whether it's a scuff, scrape, crack or dent the mobile technicians at Signature Alloy Wheel and Body Repair can come to you home or place of work to fully repair the damage. Call us today on 0161 667 0919 for a no obligation quote.

Stone Chips and Rust Repairs

Stone chips are unsightly however we offer the option of touching up and re-polishing the damage to near new condition. This stops rust in its tracks and is a cost effective solution. If you would like a perfect finish then we would recommend a rust curing treatment followed by a repair and painting of the affected area.

Unfortunately if you don't stop rust in its tracks early on in its development it can result in holes forming in the body work and a large repair bill. Rust damage can be repaired but not as part of our mobile service and would need to be repaired in our bodyshop.

Vandal and Key Scratch Repair

Vandal damage and key scratches to your vehicle can be extremely unsightly and not to mention annoying. However at Signature Alloy Wheel and Body Repairs we offer a range of cost effective solutions for varying depths of scratch. One option is to have the damage flat polished and touched up. This will prevent rusting and minimise the appearance of the damage. Another option is to fully respray the area. To discover the best option for you please get in touch today.

Textured Plastic Trims

We have extensive knowledge and expertise when it comes to the repair of any textured plastic trims. There is no job too small, even if the trim has faded and needs returning to its original shade the Signature team can help.

Cracked textured trim repairs are easily repaired in the hands of our experienced technicians. The damage will be barely noticeable once the repair has been carried out.

Much More...

Our highly trained technicians have the experience necessary to carry out all cosmetic vehicle repairs. Contact us today if you'd like to know more.

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