What is Machine Polishing?

Are you looking for a local company who offers a car polishing service? Car lost its shine and the paintwork looking a bit worse for wear? Any car owner knows that keeping your vehicle’s paintwork in tip top condition is time consuming and can take a lot of elbow grease to get it looking perfect. Quite often, our cars can develop surface imperfections such as swirls in the paintwork that come about from poor washing techniques, scratches from hedges and bushes, bird droppings, oxidisation and even rain.

When it comes to removing these annoying imperfections, you have the choice of doing it yourself by hand or using an electric powered machine polisher to do the hard work for you.

Each method has it's own advantages and disadvantages. For example, to remove these marks, scatches and imperfections by hand it can be extremely labour intensive. Also, for vehicles where the paintwork is more neglected and in poor condition, you may not be able to remove some marks by hand alone. Machine polishing on the other hand makes it easier to work the product into the paintwork as it uses the movement of the head of the machine to thoroughly clean and polish.

So the biggest advantage of professional car polishers is that they offer the ability to properly correct paintwork from scratches & swirls that you simply can't do just by polishing by hand. Machine polishers deliver much better and faster results than polishing by hand.

However, you have to know what you are doing in order to use a machine polisher and to use the correct technique, otherwise, you risk damaging your vehicle's paintwork even further. Which is why you should leave machine car polishing to the professionals.

Mobile Machine Car Polishing Service

To bring your paintwork back to showroom condition, Signature Alloy Wheel and Body Repairs offer a specialist machine car polishing service. Our technicians are fully trained in the use of machine polishers and will deliver professional results.

We have heavily invested in state of the art equipment and use a range of cutting compounds and buffing heads. We are pleased to enhance the look of your vehicle with our expert polishing and buffing skills.

Let us come to your home or place of work at a time to suit you with our fully mobile machine polishing service. Or feel free to come and see us at our bodyshop in Radcliffe, Greater Manchester. Our mobile car polishing is available across the North West of England, Yorkshire and further afield.

We can successfully remove light scratches and swirls in paintwork that can be caused by car washes or even shop bought sponges.

Why book this car polishing service with Signature?

  • Great looking paintwork can dramatically increase the value of your car
  • Offering a specialist service bringing the best of bodyshop refinishing techniques along with valeting
  • We provide a fast and cost effective way of eradicating light paintwork damage caused by everyday use
  • Customer satisfaction - plenty of 5* reviews on Google & Facebook
  • Convenience - Mobile service with appointments at a time & place to suit you

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