Lease Return Packages

When the lease is up on your vehicle the leasing company will thoroughly inspect the vehicle and any damage deemed as more than general wear and tear can be extremely costly. The inspectors will carry out detailed checks based on guidelines put in place by the BVRLA.

As the driver you can pick up on most of the damage yourself... Such as alloy wheel scrapes, diamond cut wheel scuffs, bumper damage and scratches to the body work. However some of the damage can easily be missed, this is where one of our friendly and professional technicians can help. Here at Signature Alloy Wheel and Body Repairs we can offer our extensive experience in this area for a fraction of the cost of having the repairs carried out by the leasing company. Leasing company repairs are so expensive as they will charge you full main dealership body shop prices plus commission for any minor repairs and alloy wheel refurbishments.

How to Save Money?

Signature Alloy Wheel and Body Repairs Limited are one of the most experienced companies in the North West when it comes to lease returns. We aim to minimise or completely remove any surcharges that could occur from the leasing company. We provide a vehicle inspection service where we will evaluate the vehicles condition for damage and provide a breakdown of costs that are guaranteed to be cheaper than the leasing company.

If you're returning your lease vehicle soon please give us a call on 0161 667 0919 and we'll be happy to help.

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